Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hope that you guys had a GREAT weekend! Ours was FULL of running a million errands, grocery shopping, cleaning house, organizing AND laundry! This is what  all of my weekends consist of now that I work AND go to school WOO HOO!!

We did have a little fun Friday night, we had dinner at FIVE with my sissy!

If you are even CLOSE to Tuscaloosa and you have not eaten here you are missing OUT! Is is DELISH! We have been several times and we LOVE it! They also have a new menu item, that I ate  called Asian chicken and it was SO YUMMY!

 After we had dinner we headed downtown for drinks!
Wish that I would have taken MORE pics!

Hope that you guys had a great weekend! I am SWAMPED this week between work and school! BOO!

OHH and I forgot to mention that on Saturday evening I had my very first test in Psychology.. annnd I MADE an A !!!!
 Whooo Hooo!!

 Happy Tuesday Bloggy peeps!

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  1. We were goon eat at Five Saturday night but ended up at Chucks. We will have to try it next time we are in town! Y'all are so cute!