Friday, January 20, 2012

Birthday wishes to Heaven!

My post today is dedicated to my Mama who is in Heaven and today is her Birthday. Happy Birthday Mama!!

 ( I apologoze for the "pictures of pictures" but my scanner is insane today!)
This was her in the 2nd grade-she is the 6th little girl on the bottom row with the beautiful blonde curls!

She was Ms. Parrish High School her Junior year!

 And this was the exact way that I remember her-this was taken at my 6th grade graduation!

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about her or think about what she would want for me and Jess. She was the most sensitive kind hearted person that I have ever known. I think that is why God took her, I think she really was TOO senstitive for this world!

She would have been 48 years old today... seems so very young!

Happy Birthday Mama!


  1. Jenna u too are such a kind hearted woman. I'm lucky to call u friend. Her and daddy are up there watching us become the ladies they always knew we would. I love u sweet girl and happy birthday Nina! !!

  2. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to your dear Mom. I am sure she is so proud of the woman you have become!

  3. We were blessed with a pretty amazing mom! And pretty amazing genes!! :) I love you sissy!