Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday-Weekend Edition!

Good Morning y'all! :) I am linking up with Jamie today for what I am loving Wednesday! And I am going to do "what I loved about my weekend" since I am behind and have not posted about it yet....

I am loving....... 

...these pictures from Friday night, when Jess and I took Katelyn & Allie (our little cousins) to see Titanic 3D at the IMAX.. SO much fun! 

......I am loving this NEW bikini that I got for Mullet Toss THIS weekend! :)

Awful picture of me but WHATEVA! 

....I am loving that my sissy and I had a fabulous lunch at Chuy's at The Summit

Our View at lunch!

....I am loving that my husband is an AMAZING cook... shrimp & steak on Sunday afternoon!

....I am loving these adorable hats that I just picked up this for me, Jess, and my mother-in-law...Shhhhh its a SURPRISE so don't TELL!

....I am loving that Kelsie will be sending me my CD this week of all of our family photos .. here are a few more that she added to her blog!

...I am loving this cute flower and plant that I received for "Administrative Professionals Day!"

....Last But not least, I am LOVING that we are leaving for the BEACH tomorrow morning!! Woo HOO! :)

This was Mullet Toss last year....
SO excited! :) 

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend & Don't forget to link up with Jamie!! 

Also, don't forget today is "Administrative Professionals Day" so don't forget to Thank your Admin./Secretary/Staff! 


Monday, April 16, 2012

Hank Jr. & Luke Bryan in the house!!

I am playing catch up today, kind of behind on blogging! But HEY what's new?! :) I am going to just do a photo dump of Hank Jr. & Luke Bryan!! :) Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! 

The Hank started out kind of rough, cause well I may or MAY not have had ONE Hank ticket and ONE Luke Bryan ticket when we got to the gate... soooo my wonderful husband had to drive all the way home and get the other ticket! Typical ME!

 My outfit.. of course all from Buckle! ;)

I hate this pic but its the only one that we have together the whole night! 

Luke Bryan was ALMOST a tragedy cause Brandon's work schedule changed earlier in the week, so I wasn't sure that I was even going to go without him. Then, at the last minute my wonderful sister purchased a ticket and I decided to take my little cousin (who just turned 16)!

I have been to dozens of concerts and Luke Bryan is by far the best that I have EVER seen! I seen him last year with Jason Aldean and LOVED him but he BLEW me away with this performance!! 
Only thing that was missing was my hard working husband!! 

Have a great Monday! XOXO

Friday, April 6, 2012

Country Girl Shake it for me!

Guess who is going to see Hank Jr. this weekend and Luke Bryan next?!?! This girl!! :)

Last week, I went over to Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors office (my office neighbor)  where they were having a Silent Auction for charity... This is where I bid and WON this basket

And inside the basket were THESE tickets!!

 Whop Whoop!

I seen Luke Bryan last year, and he was AMAZING so I am SUPER excited to see his hot self again! This country girl will be shaking it! :)

And guess what... we got a sneak peak from our photo shoot that we had a few weeks back! I am dying to see the ones of Thera (our dog-for those of you that don't know)!

Kelsie Fair was our photographer, so if you are anywhere near the Tuscaloosa area and you need photos, she is the BOMB. DOT. COM. :)

Hope that you guys have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's OK-I am a MAC/Buckle Addict

Ok y'all I am linking up with Neely and Amber this morning for.. It's OK Thursday!!!
 Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK....

....That I have been promising y'all that I was going to do a MAC review, and I am just NOW doing it... here are the products that I bought, and how I feel about them... I SO wanted to do a cute collage but HELLOOOOOOOOO.. I don't have time for all that business! 

 Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15.. I REALLY like this stuff, I don't have it with me so 
I cant tell you what shade that I use 
BUT it makes my skin look flawless, and is not oily or greasy! LOVE it! 

 All blending sponge-LOVE this thing, it makes my makeup 
SUPER smooth, and I will DEF buy one of these again! 

Prep & Prime- I am NOT a fan of this
stuff-It made my skin smooth and my makeup 
stayed all day BUT I felt like I was SUPER 
Shiny! NOT for me! 

Makeup Wipes-LOVE these, it even gets my eye
 makeup off!!! Will FO SHO buy these babies again! 

Studio MAC Fix Powder-This is GREAT for coverage,
My skin did look flawless BUT I felt like I was wearing "too" much
makeup when I had this on.. probably wouldn't purchase this again. I also
feel like in pictures that I look SUPER white, and we all know I can't be having
all that! 

Blush-PeachyKeen--I really LOVE MAC blush,
it is one product that I have ALWAYS used, and I willl
most certainly stick with it!

Here is a picture of me with all of the makeup listed here--

Any suggestions on any other makeup... I will continue to use some of MAC's products BUT I need a new POWDER!! Help!! 

It is also OK....

...That the guy in Buckle knows me by first AND last name... due to the fact that I am in there EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. 

...It's OK, that I bought these adorable clothes while on my last excursion :)

It is also OK.. that we have the next three weekends COMPLETELY planned out.. because they include Hank Jr, Luke Bryan and Mullet Toss (The Beach)!! More on all that in next post!

What are you OK with this Thursday! Link up with Neely and Amber and join in on all the FUN!! :)