Thursday, February 16, 2012

YO! It's OK!

What do you know.. Thursday again?! :) I am WAY pumped because I took OFF work tomorrow so I will be having a 3 day weekend starting at 5:00pm TODAY!! Whoop Whoop!

Today, I am linking up with Neely & Amber for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK ....

...That I am not 100% sure that I really like all the M.A.C makeup I bought last weekend...Yikes!

....That I have a midterm next week that I haven't even started to
study for

....That I check my checking account online about 10 times per day (not exaggerating) because I am terrified of identity theft

....That I am white as snow and haven't been near my tanning bed in MONTHS because I am going through this stage where I am horrified of getting a single wrinkle

....That I bit all of my nails off (disgusting I know) and haven't painted them in.. well I honestly don't know when?

....That when my husband works days I miss ALL of my shows which happens to be THIS week! Thank God for DVR!

....That I really LOVE Twitter better than Facebook BUT none of my FB buddies are on Twitter=LAME!

....That on my lunch break, I went to Target and shopped for a new work wardrobe, then put it all back and changed my mind!

....That Brandon and I ate Mexican on Valentine's Day and fell asleep before 8:30-Can you say Party Animals?! Which reminds me here are the FEW pics I have from V-Day!

 Lunch with my Daddy on Valentine's Day
Jess and I at lunch
My sweet Valentine

Cookie Cake-YUM-O!

Hope that you guys had a great Valentine's Day!! Don't forget to LINK up with Neely and Amber for It's OK Thursday!  PEACE! XOXO

Monday, February 13, 2012


My In-Laws were in town this past weekend! We did LOTS of shopping and LOTS of eating! Ha! Friday night, I may or may not have had an ENTIRE bottle of wine ALL by myself...
Saturday, My Mother-N-Law and I headed out for a day full of SHOPPING!!! We busted Hobby Lobby WIDE open-If you are from around here, then you know that our Hobby Lobby got blown away in the April 27th tornado, and we just recently got a new one! WINNINGGG!! :)
 I bought some cute decor for our house but of course took ZERO pics of it.. Goo me! :)

Then we headed to Wintzell's for oysters and cocktails.. nice COMBO huh?! We met the guys and had lots of laughs and good conversation! :) This was the ONLY pic I took at lunch.. As you can tell, I wasn't too worried about what I was looking like! I mean HELLOO People I get dressed up FIVE days a week! A girl needs a day to just wear her North face get up and be COMFY! :)

After our lunch, Marsha (my MNL) and I headed to the mall for more shopping! I got some CUTE stuff at Buckle, a "work" outfit at Maurice's and wait for ittt.... I SO hit the M.A.C. counter UPPP!!
Happy Valentine's Day to MEEE!!

I got some FABULOUS stuff at the M.A.C. counter!! I plan to do a separate post about each individual product, once I have used them for a few weeks!

If you use M.A.C. products, what is your fave?!

After all of our long day of shopping we headed to FIVE for dinner! I have blogged about this place before, and I will say it again... if you have not been YOU MUST GO!!
It is DELISH!!

The food is to die! And the atmosphere is lots of fun! There was a cool band playing and GREAT cocktails!

 SO thankful to have a great Mother-n-Law!

We had a FABULOUS weekend! Hope that you guys had a great weekend as well?!
Can you believe that it is Monday already?!? Boooo!

Friday, February 10, 2012

She is ALIVE!

Hi. My name is Jenna and I am a TOTAL blog slacker!!
 Sorry guys, I know I have been a little MIA! But my life is INSANE right now! Last week alone, I worked 45+ hours, 6 hours of school, 5 hours in the the GYM + studying, homework and being a wife to my fabulous husband! ;)

So today I am going to play catch up a little bit! This past weekend was my cousin's 40th Birthday and her hubby threw her a Birthday Party/Family get together! They had a Fish Fry planned and I was excited for some fun in the sun! If you live around here then you know that it RAINED the ENTIRE weekend so INSTEAD of fun in the sun.. we had rain, rain, and more rain, so we moved the shin dig into my Dad's shop..Still had lots of fun and  I love anytime that I get to spend with my fam jam!

Remember-It was RAINING-so that's why my hair looks like a HOT mess!

 Lots of FRIED food..just what I need.. NOT!

 Me and the sister!
This would be my Daddy-O! Gotta love that hat huh?!? Ha! :)

Besides the rain it was a great day!!

On Friday my sweet sister brought me this precious prize by work!

Isn't she thoughtful!?!

And yesterday I got back my first Comp 2 Paper!!
After all the craziness last week, I still managed to pull out an A! Ahhh Yea! :)

This weekend my Mother-N-Law is coming to stay with us and I am SUPER excited to hang out and spend time with her! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's OK...

Happy Thursday Bloggy peeps! Today, I am linking up with Neely & Amber for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK

....That I have not been home before 7:00pm one single night this week!

...That my entire weekend is planned out from beginning to END!

...That all I really want to do this weekend is RELAX, lay in my bed and watch Nip/Tuck!

....That my poor husband has had to cook his own dinner and lunch all week because of my CRAZY work/school schedule!

....That I have contemplated going to the gym tonight to prevent another late night getting home!

...That I plan to try and squeeze in TWO new recipes this weekend that I got from PINTERST!

...That my  fur baby is SUPER lonely since her Daddy has been working days!

What are you loving on this FABULOUS Thursday!?! Link up with Neely and Amber!!