Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jennaration Boutique

Soooo I haven't blogged in about a month... BUT I have been SO  busy with my newest adventure! :) I told y'all in the the last post that I have been keeping a HUGE secret... well the secret is OUT and in case you didn't get the memo- this girl opened her very own boutique-Jennaration! For the time being, we are an online only boutique offering women's clothing, accessories, shoes and women's plus size clothing. 

This has been a DREAM of mine for several years and a "concept" for several months until NOW! Things are rockin' and rollin" on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM  (be sure to follow) and our website will be up and running in about a week! 

Jennaration offers FREE shipping and we also offer a LOW price guarantee (check that out HERE)

I have an amazing vision for my little space on the internet and I would love for you all to be a part of it! XOXO

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