Monday, April 16, 2012

Hank Jr. & Luke Bryan in the house!!

I am playing catch up today, kind of behind on blogging! But HEY what's new?! :) I am going to just do a photo dump of Hank Jr. & Luke Bryan!! :) Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! 

The Hank started out kind of rough, cause well I may or MAY not have had ONE Hank ticket and ONE Luke Bryan ticket when we got to the gate... soooo my wonderful husband had to drive all the way home and get the other ticket! Typical ME!

 My outfit.. of course all from Buckle! ;)

I hate this pic but its the only one that we have together the whole night! 

Luke Bryan was ALMOST a tragedy cause Brandon's work schedule changed earlier in the week, so I wasn't sure that I was even going to go without him. Then, at the last minute my wonderful sister purchased a ticket and I decided to take my little cousin (who just turned 16)!

I have been to dozens of concerts and Luke Bryan is by far the best that I have EVER seen! I seen him last year with Jason Aldean and LOVED him but he BLEW me away with this performance!! 
Only thing that was missing was my hard working husband!! 

Have a great Monday! XOXO


  1. So glad the ticket thing worked out. Country concerts are the best!!

  2. Oh girl, Luke Bryan is so sexy. Yum. Glad you had fun! And love the cowboy boots. ;)


  3. So fun to meet all these Jenna's! Fun blog! I'm your newest follower. Here is my blog!
    Mommy in Manhattan

  4. MY MY MYYYY.. Aren't we gonna get a long just GREAT! I love you already♥

    You are not only adorable as all get out, but I love your blog! ... &&& you said it right. We are southerns... we are already best friends!!!

    Luke Bryan, drool♥ Shhhh... don't tell my husband. :) kidding. He knows already.

    Love your newest blog friend,
    Xo Jessica
    Stilettos & a fishing pole

  5. I hate we didn't meet up! Looks like you were a few rows up from us! He put on a great show! I can't believe you missed A-Day!