Friday, April 6, 2012

Country Girl Shake it for me!

Guess who is going to see Hank Jr. this weekend and Luke Bryan next?!?! This girl!! :)

Last week, I went over to Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors office (my office neighbor)  where they were having a Silent Auction for charity... This is where I bid and WON this basket

And inside the basket were THESE tickets!!

 Whop Whoop!

I seen Luke Bryan last year, and he was AMAZING so I am SUPER excited to see his hot self again! This country girl will be shaking it! :)

And guess what... we got a sneak peak from our photo shoot that we had a few weeks back! I am dying to see the ones of Thera (our dog-for those of you that don't know)!

Kelsie Fair was our photographer, so if you are anywhere near the Tuscaloosa area and you need photos, she is the BOMB. DOT. COM. :)

Hope that you guys have a fabulous Easter weekend!


  1. Awesome pictures, lady! And I am so jealous that you're going to Luke Bryan. He is mega sexy!

    Keep Shining,

  2. Lucky girl! I can't wait for Luke Bryan!!!!!!

  3. That was an awesome win! Your pictures are great too!