Thursday, February 16, 2012

YO! It's OK!

What do you know.. Thursday again?! :) I am WAY pumped because I took OFF work tomorrow so I will be having a 3 day weekend starting at 5:00pm TODAY!! Whoop Whoop!

Today, I am linking up with Neely & Amber for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK ....

...That I am not 100% sure that I really like all the M.A.C makeup I bought last weekend...Yikes!

....That I have a midterm next week that I haven't even started to
study for

....That I check my checking account online about 10 times per day (not exaggerating) because I am terrified of identity theft

....That I am white as snow and haven't been near my tanning bed in MONTHS because I am going through this stage where I am horrified of getting a single wrinkle

....That I bit all of my nails off (disgusting I know) and haven't painted them in.. well I honestly don't know when?

....That when my husband works days I miss ALL of my shows which happens to be THIS week! Thank God for DVR!

....That I really LOVE Twitter better than Facebook BUT none of my FB buddies are on Twitter=LAME!

....That on my lunch break, I went to Target and shopped for a new work wardrobe, then put it all back and changed my mind!

....That Brandon and I ate Mexican on Valentine's Day and fell asleep before 8:30-Can you say Party Animals?! Which reminds me here are the FEW pics I have from V-Day!

 Lunch with my Daddy on Valentine's Day
Jess and I at lunch
My sweet Valentine

Cookie Cake-YUM-O!

Hope that you guys had a great Valentine's Day!! Don't forget to LINK up with Neely and Amber for It's OK Thursday!  PEACE! XOXO


  1. I am SO with you on the checking the account multiple times a day! Hubs had his social security # compromised before we got married and it was a joke straightening everything out and getting his credit fixed.
    Why do you like twitter better than facebook? I just joined twitter and am still trying to figure it all out!

  2. I love cookie cakes, you are so lucky! And I'm 100% the same about my checking account, you can never be too certain these days. I'm also going through the same Twitter problem because a lot of my FB friends refuse to join but I'm not giving up on trying to persuade them, ha!