Monday, February 13, 2012


My In-Laws were in town this past weekend! We did LOTS of shopping and LOTS of eating! Ha! Friday night, I may or may not have had an ENTIRE bottle of wine ALL by myself...
Saturday, My Mother-N-Law and I headed out for a day full of SHOPPING!!! We busted Hobby Lobby WIDE open-If you are from around here, then you know that our Hobby Lobby got blown away in the April 27th tornado, and we just recently got a new one! WINNINGGG!! :)
 I bought some cute decor for our house but of course took ZERO pics of it.. Goo me! :)

Then we headed to Wintzell's for oysters and cocktails.. nice COMBO huh?! We met the guys and had lots of laughs and good conversation! :) This was the ONLY pic I took at lunch.. As you can tell, I wasn't too worried about what I was looking like! I mean HELLOO People I get dressed up FIVE days a week! A girl needs a day to just wear her North face get up and be COMFY! :)

After our lunch, Marsha (my MNL) and I headed to the mall for more shopping! I got some CUTE stuff at Buckle, a "work" outfit at Maurice's and wait for ittt.... I SO hit the M.A.C. counter UPPP!!
Happy Valentine's Day to MEEE!!

I got some FABULOUS stuff at the M.A.C. counter!! I plan to do a separate post about each individual product, once I have used them for a few weeks!

If you use M.A.C. products, what is your fave?!

After all of our long day of shopping we headed to FIVE for dinner! I have blogged about this place before, and I will say it again... if you have not been YOU MUST GO!!
It is DELISH!!

The food is to die! And the atmosphere is lots of fun! There was a cool band playing and GREAT cocktails!

 SO thankful to have a great Mother-n-Law!

We had a FABULOUS weekend! Hope that you guys had a great weekend as well?!
Can you believe that it is Monday already?!? Boooo!


  1. What a fun day of shopping and dining!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  2. I'm a MAC lover as well...I'm addicted to my Kissable Lipglass. :) I'm your newest follower. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Cupcake wine is SO delish!!! Oh, MAC. I was an avid user of their foundation until they changed their formula. Now, I just rely on them for bronzer & amazing eyeshadows!!

    Keep Shining,
    Shine On

  4. Can't wait for your Mac review! You are lucky to have a sweet MNL:)