Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catch UP!

Happy Wednesday y'all!! I know that I have been a little M.I.A. the last few weeks BUT I have been super busy with midterms last week and also working on a Charity event/Silent Auction for work! But I am back now sooo NO worries! :) And, what better way to catch up than with a few photos! :)

Weekend before last we had dinner at The Bright Star in Bessemer! This place is like a legend in the South. We went with GREAT friends and it was SO much fun! 

You must GO to this place at least ONE time! It is amazing!!

This past weekend was Brandon's 25th Birthday! So, we had a one-man band, good food, and great friends and family! It was TONS of fun & I think Brandon had a fabulous birthday!

This guy was AWESOME! He played all of our FAVE country songs! :)

All of my favorite girls, and my sweet nephew!

My sister-N-Law Candace-who MAY or MAY not have booty danced at a red light on a beer run! :) And this little guy just got accepted to a modeling agency! Isn't he cute?!

Me and Brandon dancing- My heels were sticking in the ground so I have to break out my shox! Ha!

Making a run for more alcohol!

 Like we needed it?!
 The Powell Girls!
 Slow Dancing-I REALLY do have the BEST husband! :)
 Getting ready to blow out his candles!
 Brandon's sister Brooke! Love these two!
 Kirby, Candace & Me!
 My sissy even came to Brandon's birthday bash!
 Love him!
 Of course, gotta have the Bama cake! :)
 Brandon and his brother and sister!
Me and Brooke 
Mr. & Mrs. Powell! :)

We always have so much fun when we are with our families! I feel SO blessed! :)

Hope that you guys are having a great week SO far! I cannot believe that we are already 7 days into March!! I will be posting a M.A.C. review later this week, on all the items that I got last month! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

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  1. I've lived in AL for 13 years and have never been to the Bright Star! I've heard wonderful things and it's not very far from my house. Maybe we'll give it a try for Easter or Mother's Day.