Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with Jamie for "What I am Loving Wednesday" 

I am loving...

.....These awesome Under Armour shoes that I orders earlier this week, they should be here TODAY! 
....that my wonderful husband is working DAYS for the remainder of the month (I know he is not thrilled but I am)!

....that I still have 2 more full weeks before I start Summer school! Woo Hoo!

....that we will be spending our entire weekend on the boat! Yay!

...I am loving these adorbs swim trunks that I just ordered my sweet nephew..

Smocked Boys Crab Swim Shorts
...And MOST of all I am loving my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, smoking HOT Husband! :) 
He is the BEST! 

I also want to tell you what I AM NOT loving!!! I am NOT loving that ABC has cancelled THIS SHOW!

My sister said that there was some type of "online petition" to bring it back! I haven't looked into it yet but I will DEF be signing if there is such a thing! I mean HELLURR this was the BEST show on TV people!


  1. yeah i heard they cancelled it on via twitter. And i'm not happy. I loved that show. :(

  2. Still not working. I just tried to reply and it didn't work. =/ You have a Twitter, don't you? I tried to find you, and couldn't! Boo!

  3. SO BUMMED that the show was cancelled! LOVE kristin chenoweth. And those shoes are cute!!