Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our "wild" Weekend!

Ok so I have totally been thinking all morning that TODAY is Wednesday and well Hellurrrr-It's ONLY Tuesday! So in case you didn't already know... this proves it... I am insane! Ahhh! Oh well! :) I am here today to tell you about our not so adventurous weekend..... Our weekend went a little something like this...

.... Watched a few movies

This was SO good! I am not a HUGE baseball fan BUT
 Brad did an AWESOME job in this!

This was OK! DEF not as good as the first one BUT did have
some good laughs!

....We were in bed before 8:30pm on Friday night AND Saturday night.. WILD, I know! 

....Saturday we spent the day at the River catching some Rays!

.... I also FINALLY put curtains up in my kitchen.. We have lived in our house ALMOST a year! Oopps!

.....This happened---Strawberry Cheesecake....My FAV!

....Over the weekend, I also gained my 50th FOLLWER! I feel SO blessed for all of you guys! Never thought that I would have made SO many "Frands" :) in the blog world! 

... And Guess what?!?! I just received my grades annddddd..... I got ALL A's--Check out that GPA! :)

Brandon and I both REALLY needed a "down" weekend, so this was PERFECT! Next weekend we are headed to Brandon's hometown for Mother's Day! Hope you guys have a fabulous... Wednesday... KIDDING.... Tuesday! ;) 



  1. I hate when I think its a day later then what it really is! It messes my whole week up!

    I haven't seen Moneyball yet but I heard its good! I agree with you about Hangover 2! Not as good as the first one!

    Those snowcone (or whatever you call them) look amazing! We don't have a place to get them here anymore!

    Congratulations on 50 followers and all A's!!!!

  2. Looks like a relaxing weekend! Congrats on your grades, smartie!

  3. Hellurrr! Ha, I literally busted out laughing in my office when I read that. Anyway, love your curtains...oh and we hve been hitting up that Sno Biz too :)

  4. Girlfriend!! I tried to reply to your comments, but your reply e-mail isn't set up. It's super easy to do, and makes replying so much easier!!

    In other news, congratulations on 50 followers. You totally deserve it - I just LOVE your blog! =)

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)