Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Christmas Goodies!

Good Afternoon!! Yes, it has been a while since you have heard from me! But you should be use to that by now! ONE of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a better blogger! We shall see!

We had an amazing Christmas… which I plan to blog about very soon! ;) And we had the most awesome trip to the Mountains which I also plan to blog about! Today I am here to show y’all all my cool new toys that I received from Santa!

The only thing NOT pictured here is my MK watch only because I am still unsure of which one to get! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

BTW I made this cool little list on! You can make the coolest templates and put together outfits (like the ones that you see on PINTEREST) so if you have never visited the site, you should probably do that… NOW!

I promise I’ll be back ASAP with a Christmas/Mountains/New Years Eve Post!


Christmas Presents!


  1. You got some good stuff girlfriend! Loving the top with the animal print! :)

  2. Cute stuff- love the coach bags! Glad to have you back and blogging :-).