Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smashbox Review

Ok, so I promised a Smashbox Review like a week ago and never got around to doing it! In my defense, I have had finals and an office Christmas party to prepare for! So things have been a lil cray cray in my already crazy world! J

So I read a TON of reviews/blogs/forums online before I went out and purchased these products. I am talking like 4 hours straight of researching this stuff before I actually bought it! The reason for that is because I ALWAYS, ALWAYS…. ALWAYS buy different makeup and end up not LOVING it. Smashbox is a little more on the pricey side… It is higher than MAC and Clinique which is what I was wearing before, so I wanted to be 100% sure before I ran out and got it.

The reviews online for Smashbox products were about 50/50, some people LOVED it some HATED it and for some people it just wasn’t a “game changer” so to speak…. For me IT WAS LIFE changing!

I went to Ulta (we don’t have a Sephora here.. BOO!) And purchased 2 AMAZING Smashbox products! This was the product that I researched the most, and I must say I was a little skeptical at first!


Feast your eyes on the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream . “BB” stands for Beauty Balm! This is a 5-in-1 beauty balm where you can moisturize, prime, perfect, protect, and control shine in ONE step!!! You can wear this product alone or under foundation for more coverage. (I have been wearing this alone and putting the Smashbox powder on top-see picture below).  It also has SPF 35 which is great for Summer time! I got light/medium (I think it only comes in 4 shades). I am in LOVE with this stuff… you rub it on just like moisturizer (with your fingers) and that’s IT! No primer… no foundation…. ONE STEP!!! It kind of reminds me of tinted moisturizer but WAY more coverage! When I wear this I feel like I have NO make-up on at all… very light coverage! The lady at Ulta said that everyone who purchases it ALWAYS comes back for more! Also, a little goes a long way so this bottle should last you a while! It is prices at $39.00 at Ulta… so like I said, I bit more than MAC foundation BUT this is 5-in-1 so if you are a person that buys primer, moisturizer and foundation it could actually save you some money.

I also purchased the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. I got this in Light/Medium as well (there are only 3 or 4 colors to choose from in this.) I wasn’t planning to purchase the powder when I went into the store but the lady at Ulta who helped me had RAVE reviews about it! And I have to say, she was RIGHT! It is pretty thick powder, so you don’t need very much at all… and it has the PERFECT coverage… not too heavy and not too light! This is priced at $59.00 at Ulta which is a significant amount more than my normal MAC powder BUT she said that this should last about 8 months! So that’s a pretty long time!

 Here is a photo of me with my fabulous Smashbox products applied! I took like 20 pics and this is the best I could come up with… but it gives you a general idea!
I would DEF recommend these products to anyone! Especially if you are a BUSY girl like me! Using the BB cream saves SO much time since it is a 5-in-1!! Let me know if you have any questions! Hope y’all have a great Tuesday! J




  1. I use smash boxes face primer and I LOVE it! I found your blog through another blogger, glad to have a new blog read. - Kelly


  2. i may need to take a trip to Ulta!!