Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday y'all!! Whoop Whoop! I haven't blogged all week.. Shocking, I know! Kidding! :) Soooo I thought that I would link up with Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde for "Friday Favorites!"

Favorite things from this past weekend.....

 My new favorite wine! #rolltide
 Tailgating for Homecoming! #rolltideagain
 I made Baked potato soup for the first time EVER & it was DELISH!
Brandon and I went to see Taken 2 and YES we had popcorn AND a funnel cake! Don't hate! ;)
Favorite Moments of the week.....
 Snuggling with my love buggss!!
 Trick-Or-Treating with my nephew AKA Jake the Pirate!
Drinking Hot chocolate every morning when I get to the office!
Ok now it is your turn!!! Link up with Lindsey and tell us what your favorite's are this week!!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We will be relaxing and watching Bama roll over LSwhooo!


  1. Man, what sporty wine! :)
    Your nephew is the cutest. The blonde hair. Ah. love it.

  2. potato soup is clearly the BEST soup!!! Found you through the Friday Faves!
    Helene in Between

  3. Potato soup is on everyone's fave list! Gonna have to make some this week!! And this Gamecock gal will definitely be rooting for the tide! RTR!

    Found ya via Friday Faves!


  4. That wine looks so good! New follower from the blog-hop today :-)

  5. Hi Jenna! Love your Friday Favorites! Over from the hop and following. Hoping you'll be able to follow me, maybe? :) Have a great day!

  6. What??? Funnel cakes at the movie theater, that's awesome! Also, I LOVE Baked potato soup, one of my all time faves! New Follower!