Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Football & BFF's

Good Afternoon my bloggy peeps!!
My weekend started out FABULOUS! My BFF, Heather, from way back when came into town on Friday! Me and this girl go WAY back and were even roommates at one point! She is from Georgia and doesn’t get to visit as often as I had liked. We spent Friday night riding dirt roads (Don't judge, y'all know I'm a Southern girl.) And we had a blast catching up, to say the least!

BTW-I got my hair done Friday... I so wish that I could make my bangs look like this ALL the time! Any tips or trick to share on how to do this?!
On Saturday, me, Heather, and Brandon made our way downtown for some tailgate fun! The company that Brandon works for had a tailgate set up at a local bar.. which included a Band, free beer and free food... and a bunch of Alabama Crimson Tide fans I mean what else do you need in life?!
Next, we headed over to Innisfree to watch the game! Which we all know was a very sad time for us Bama fans! But you can't win em' all! At least that’s what my Mama always said! And that’s all I have to say about that {in my best Forest Gump voice}
I may or may not have had ONE toooooo many "Sabanade's"
If you are ever in T-Town this is a MUST!!

These pictures were obvi taken BEFORE we lost!! #rolltideanyway
And on Sunday we had our Christmas card pictures taken! Here is the sneak peak!
I love these because they are SO typical us!
I took off yesterday to add some Christmas cheer to our house! We may or may not have put up our tree yesterday! #sorrynotsorry I love this time of the year and I just couldn't wait any longer... judge away! :)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!! I will be back later in the week with my Christmas wish list for Brandon Santa! :) Tootles!


  1. I can never make my bangs look the way my hair stylist makes them look!! NEVER!!

    Love those pictures!!!

    And I am putting our tree up either this weekend or while I am off next week!!! I can't wait!!!

  2. Hey girl...I was catching up on your blog and saw this post. I can help you with the bangs sitch. When you are blow drying, take your bangs and blow them opposit of how they lay. So say you part on the left, you want to blow dry your bangs to the left. When you put them back where they go, they lay pretty every time. I used to teach my clients this and they had perfect bangs every time. Hope it helps. You are just so pretty btw! :)