Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's totally OK!

Heyyyy y'all!! :) Today, I am linking up with for It's OK Thursday!! 
Its Ok Thursdays

Let me just first start out with It's OK... that I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks! :)

It's also OK.....

.....That my 90 pound Doberman snuggles with me EVERY morning like it is her J.O.B.

....That I feel like I have NOTHING to blog about these days

...That I probably feel that way because ALL I do is go to school, work, and go out on the boat every. single. weekend. so its pretty much the same ole same ole every week (which I am OK with) just kind of boring to blog about!

....That I legit want to punch someone in their face today, ohhhh you know just one of those days!

....That I had NEVER heard of a "solar" manicure until last week... and well now I am in luurrvvee with it!

....That I have been day dreaming for the last few days about being a stay at home wife, but in reality know that I would more than likely go insane!

....That I rode all the way to work and realized when I got to my office, that I didn't turn the radio on one time!

....That me and my sister have random conversations like this, way too often! 

....That I missed Teem Mom AND Real Housewives of OC this week!! (No worries, I have them DVR'd)

Link up and tell us what you are OK with today?! 

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