Monday, November 7, 2011

Who say's nothing in life is free?!

I didn't plan for this BLOG to be about my mad couponing skills and/or deals that I grab online BUT there are a few that I JUST HAVE to share with y'all! I just order 10 FREE, yes I said FREE Christmas cards! Go here- and order your 10 cards and at checkout use the code HAPPY10FREE and they will send you 10 cards with MATCHING envelopes! I mean FREE IS FREE-you CANNOT beat that! Your welcome! :) Arent these PRESH?!

And REMEMBER-THESE ARE ABSOLUTLEY FREE! Also at Paper Coterie they are giving a $30.00 credit(use code H2SHOLIDAY at checkout) to order ANYTHING from their site, all you have to do is pay shipping. They have lots of stuff for UNDER $30.00. I got this ADORABLE fabric poster. It was regular $29.00, I used the code H2SHOLIDAY  and received it for $0.00, all I had to pay was the $5.71 shipping fee. They have lots of GREAT things to give as Christmas gifts!!

Cute huh?

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