Monday, October 7, 2013

16 WEEKS/Baby Bump

How far along? 16 weeks & 4 Days 
Size of Baby? The size of a AVACADO/between 4.3 to 4.7 in! 
Total weight gain/loss: NONE as far as I know BUT I go to the Dr. Friday so we shall see! 
Maternity clothes: Still wearing lots of stretchy stuff (linen pants). I did wear jeans on Friday but felt like I couldn't breath all day. 
Stretch marks: NO! And I have been lathering up in cocoa butter day and night! 
Sleep: is a little better.. I have been using my pregnancy pillow and that seems to help some. It's still not the same sleep that I use to get before I was pregnant! 
Best moment this week: Seeing my BFF Nicole get married this weekend in Mobile and spending a little bit of time with my in-laws!
Movement: I feel like my stomach gets really hard in certain places sometimes.. no idea if that's the baby but never had that feeling before I was pregnant! 
Food cravings/aversions: still loving chips and salsa and cheesecake! I am hoping that I start to eat like a normal person soon. I would love to actually sit down and "enjoy" a meal. Right now, I just kind of "pick" at my food. I also still cannot stand any type of meat! GA-ROSS!! 
Gender: We find out FRIDAY... we are having a gender reveal party and I cannot wait to share with y'all!! :) 
Labor signs: Nope.. hopefully not for a LONG while! 
Belly button in or out: INNNN!!!! :) 
What I miss: I know this is totally selfish but I miss having a glass of wine once in a while.. we were at a wedding this weekend and it really sucks not being able to drink! 
What I am looking forward to: finding out if bay bay Powell is a GIRL or a BOY?! 
Weekly wisdom: You can enjoy "LIFE" so much better when things are marked off your to-do list! I have like 10 lists going right now between work, personal, Jennaration, planning a gender reveal AND planning my SIL's Baby Shower BUT I feel so much better at the end of the day when I get things marked off the list! 
Milestone: surviving last week while my boss was on vaca! We are a 2 person staff so I was holding down the office down all week so I am thankful that last week is OVER! 


  1. Just ordered a PRECIOUS top from your boutique! You have some seriously adorable stuff, keep them coming. Have a great weekend! RTR!

  2. ...CANNOT wait to find out what you are having btw. Yay!