Friday, April 19, 2013

Rando Friday

Do you love or do you love?! Leslie with Sweetie Baby's Blog Design did an AMAZING job on my new design! And I love her because she is a LOCAL girl and has the cutest little bay bay that you ever did see!! Follow her blog HERE!

This is  pretty random post but I got a few things that I need to say......

1. If you did not watch this season of Dallas, you totally missed OUT! I have a soft spot in my heart for this show because your one and only was named after it.. 27 years ago! Yes, I was named after Priscilla Presley who played "Jenna" on Dallas! Anyway, the show is pretty much the It really makes me want to move to Dallas, live on a ranch and pump oil for the rest of my days!! Ha! AND John Ross is pretty HOTT! Just watch it! K. Thanks!

2. I FINALLY hung Brandon's college football jersey's last week and added a few touches last night! About time huh? He only graduated 4 years ago! 

3. I have eaten Taco Casa TWICE this week and am honestly ashamed of how many times I have eaten out this week! Its pretty ridic!

4. EVERYONE keeps saying that mu hair looks SO light... Maybe its too light?! 
Check out those wrinkles! #timeforbotox

5. We are finally going to get the boat out TOMORROW! Bring on the SUNSHINE!

6. I am pretty stressed out about putting on a bikini! I have been working out A LOT BUT my diet meehhhhh not so much! Wahhhhhhh!!!!

I ordered this suit and tried it on last night! #pleasekillme I DEF do not look like this in it! #notcool

7. I have been keeping a HUGE secret! Shhhh!... AND NO I am not pregnant or leaving my job! 
Stay tuned!! 

I think that is all my ramblings for the day! Hope y'all have a fabulous Friday AND  and even more fabulous weekend!!

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