Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Weekend

The Thursday night before Easter we had a slumber party with our awesome nephew!
I really don't know how all y'all Mama's do it... I can handle dirty diapers, bath time, crying BUT I cannot handle not getting any sleep at night. I have a feeling my little one will be doing a lot of "crying it out." I know I am probably sticking my foot in my mouth but good lawd, this girl needs her beauty rest!
I mean, I had to take off work half a day on Friday because I was SO tired!
These happened to jump in my buggy while at the grocery.... Tons of my IG girls have been talking about this so obvi I had to try them out! THEY are delish! I am not a fan of the "Lime-a-rita" but these are so yummy!
This also happened.....
Yes, that would be mine and Jess's dog face timing each other! We are dorks!
Saturday night.. me and B had a date night. This is a VERY rare occasion around our house. I envy all of you who have date nights on the reg! We had dinner at Ruth's Chris and it was DE VINE!
And Sunday was of course Easter.. We had a SUPER busy day which included-church, lunch with Brandon's family and then ANOTHER lunch with my family! :)
I may or may not have eaten WAY too many of these!
#sorrynotsorry #totesworthit


  1. HOw cute is your Easter dress! Glad y'all had a good one ;)

  2. Not a fan of Lime-a-rita, but will definitely have to try the strawberry.

  3. Looks like you had a fab holiday weekend!! Can't wait to try those Strawberry-Rita's :)