Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend shenanigans

I am being sucked in over all the BLISSDOM recaps this morning! Some people LOVED it and some hated it! It's pretty juicy if you ask me! I am a little ole' blogger so of course I didn't go BUT I am loving the play-by-play from all the bigger bloggers! IJS!

Anyways... My weekend was a semi-chill weekend....

Friday night.....

AS SOON as I got home (I am talking 4:30) I ran myself a HOT bubble bath and stayed in until my fingers and toes were all shriveled up like prunes! LAST week was hell rough to say the least!
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I downloaded this neat little app that changed your backgrounds and your apps! Michelle from The Vintage Apple did a post about a few weeks back and I am now hooked!
Saturday, I slept in with this sweet girl-
I spent most of the day Spring cleaning, grocery shopping..you know all my wife-ly duties!
We also FINALLY got Netflix on our SmartTV... So y'all should help a sista out and dish about about all the good shows I should catch up on-Revenge, Downtown Abbey, Pretty Little Liars?! Decisions... Decisions!

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On Sunday, I made this yummy Baked Potato soup in the crock pot
And that pretty much sums up my weekend besides cleaning and grocery shopping, I am sure you would like to be spared all of those details! Ha! If you read this entire post... You ROCK! :)
Happy Tuesday y'all! 



  1. You have to watch Revenge, it is seriously the best show ever! I also downloaded that app to change the icons for apps and background, seriously life changing. I think I spent an entire day last week changing things on my phone!

  2. I love a good potato soup, and that bath looks heavenly. I'm hoping for some down time next week to relax in the bath while we're out of town.

  3. Mmm, that soup looks delicious! Pre-baby (back when I had time for Netflix marathons, sigh...) I watched every single episode of The Office lol

    Thanks so much for linking up with the Bloglovin' Collective :)

  4. Gotta go check out that app now for sure, and the potato soup is seriously making me hungry! Hope you are having a better week this week!