Friday, March 22, 2013

Guess Who's Back?..Back Again?!

Let's face it... I am the worst blogger on the PLANET! I won't even make excuses for why my mad blogging skills have been lacking. But I am here today and that's what counts, right?! RIGHT! :) I am here to tell you about all the boring stuff that has been going on in the last 3-4 weeks... Ready.. set.. GO!

I am BACK to couponing!!! WOO HOO! I use to be one of those crazy coupon ladies, you know like the ones that you see on TLC on the Extreme Couponing show (you know you watch it, don't lie)! BUT then life starting getting crazy when B got a promotion at work and well couponing became a thing of the past.. I was lucky to run in the grocery store and grab a bunch of crap as fast as I could while on my lunch break! BUT, I    am going to give it a try again because I use to save MEGA bucks on groceries!! Summer is just around the corner, which means we will have the boat out and will be helping ourselves to lots of snacks (and lots of cocktails) so I need to start collecting all of that good stuff now (you know with coupons and all). 

This was my first "haul" since being back on the coupon band wagon...

I had my BIGGEST event of the quarter this week-Our annual Silent Auction! We do this event to raise money for The Miracle League of Tuscaloosa (this is an awesome charity, if you have never heard of it you should DEF check it out.) The auction was a HUGE success and we raised over $6,000! LOTS of work but totally worth it! This was my GLAD it was OVER face!

I have become  ADDICTED to these Buffalo Chicken salads from Zaxby's! YES, I know they aren't very "good" for you but HEY a girl on the go still has to eat! #donthate 


Last weekend B competed in a "Brave Soldier Challenge" and finished 7th (out of 100ish) SO proud of him! Where in the world does he get his motivation? CAN I HAVE SOME PLEASE?! 

I purchased this beauty! If you have been following my blog long, then you know that I have been lusting after these MK watches for a WHILE! I just couldn't decided on one... this weekend I FINALLY fell in love with this one! #obsessed 

I have also fallen IN LOVE with this amazing milkshake from Mickey D's! #shamrockshake #imafatty

And last BUT certainly, not least while I was MIA... I got a NEW niece! I would like to introduce to you....
Miss Sophie, she is an American Bulldog and is OH so precious!!

I mean look at that face! #idie

Yes, I know this was a pretttyyy random post but hey atleast I posted! I Kidd!! Hope y'all have a SUPER fun weekend! I plan on doing LOTS of relaxing! Holla!! 

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