Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Memory of my Mama

On this day 7 years ago my sweet Mama went to be with The Lord. This day has always been very hard for me. And I'm not sure that it will ever get any easier. I think on a daily basis of all the things that she has missed out on. I also think about the things that are still to come that she won't be around to see, like the birth of my children, graduation from college and tons of other things. I wonder every day if I am making the right choices in my life... Would she approve? Would she be proud? What advice would she give me?

Although I wonder about these things there are some things that I know 100% with all my heart! I know that she was ALWAYS there when I needed her.

She was at every.single. Gymnastics recital for me and Jess.

She was there every day when I got home from school with her arms stretched out for a huge hug

She was there every night to say my prayers before bedtime

She was there to take me to story time every week at the library

She was there when I had my first broken heart

She was there when I lost my first tooth

She was there when I was sick

She was there when I had a nightmare

She was there when I shaved my legs for the first time

She was at every beauty walk

She was there to throw us every awesome birthday party

She was there to ALWAYS believe in me

She taught me that life is not about WHAT you have but about the people you have in it

She was always proud of Jess and I, no matter what

She is the reason that I am who I am today.... And although she won't be here for all of the upcoming events in my life, I am SO thankful that she was there for the first 19 years.

Still can't believe that it has been7 years since I have heard her sweet voice or seen her sweet face! I love and miss you Mama more than you will ever know!

( I apologize for the poor quality pictures-they were taken with my phone)

These are photos from when she was much younger!

My Mama and Daddy before we were born

Then I came along!!


And then 2 years later my baby sister was born!


We were her life and for that I am forever grateful!


  1. Praying for you! I'm sure your Mama would be and IS so very proud of you!!!

  2. She sounds like such a wonderful mother. So sorry for this day and for your loss. I can't even imagine. Thinking of you today, Jenna.

  3. I had no idea your mom had passed away...I remember her always coming on all the fieldtrips and being at all of our programs and activities at Walker. She was such a sweet lady and I know you have her same sweet spirit and big heart. Praying for God's comfort!

  4. Cathing up on your blog :) ... what a beautiful mother you have!! I'm so sorry for your loss, but know that she is so proud of the woman you are becoming each day. Praying for you!