Thursday, December 8, 2011

My list for Santa

I think it is just down right HILARIOUS when people say that I am hard to buy for! Ha HA! ....Here are a few things that I am asking Santa for this year! :)

  • A gift card to Victoria Secret, this is a GIVEN with me! No matter the amount- I shop there EVERY year so it will most DEF get used!
  • A throw blanket for my living room! I am constatnly needing something to cuddle up while I am studying and watching TV!

  • I love love love this sweatshirt! (Red) And it is at a NEW store that we have in Tuscaloosa that I LOVE - Expeditions! 

  • I am in DESPERATE need of a new camera!!!! Mine is like 7 years old and has just HAD it!

  • Fuzzy warm socks! I LOVE to have these to wear in the winter! :)
  • Really need one of these for my IPAD2, I have a cover on the front, but I would like something that covers the back also! And I LOVE this Vera Bradley Cover! :)

What is on YOUR Christmas list this year? :)

1 comment:

  1. Love those fuzzy socks and you can never go wrong with a VS card! I am always happy with anything girly or in gift card form. Happy (almost) Friday!!